Menghapus NFS di linux

Meski sama-sama menggunakan lightDM, Debian (LXDE) yang saya pakai di netbook ternyata sedikit lebih ringan dibandingkan Lubuntu. Meski begitu, Debian terkadang juga lambat, terutama kalau pas muncul pesan NFS service sewaktu booting.

A start job is running for LSB: NFS support files common to client and server.

NFS service
NFS service

Network File System (NFS) is a file system that allows computer users to access files over a network in much the same way they can access files in local storage. This is useful for sharing files across several Linodes, or other computers on the Internet. For example, you might want to share the home directories for your users, or system configuration files, over NFS. sumber

Ada tiga cara menghapus NFS, yaitu: (1) menghapus program NFS, (2) menghapus service-nya saja (temporary), atau (3) menghapus service secara permanen.

Menghapus NFS

Ini cara yang saya pakai…

apt-get --purge remove nfs-kernel-server nfs-common portmap

Menghapus NFS service (temporary)

/etc/init.d/portmap stop
/etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server stop

Menghapus NFS service (permanen)

service portmap stop
service nfs-kernel-server stop


Selamat mencoba.. semoga bermanfaat.

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