Mencoba LaTeX di Ubuntu

Sekadar berbagi cerita soal LaTeX. Mungkin akan ditulis bersambung.

LaTeX itu apa sih?

LaTeX (Lamport TeX) is a word processor and a document markup language. It is distinguished from typical word processors such as Microsoft Word and Apple Pages in that the writer uses plain text as opposed to formatted text, relying on markup tagging conventions to define the general structure of a document (such as article, book, and letter), to stylise text throughout a document (such as bold and italic), and to add citations and cross-referencing. A TeX distribution such as TeXlive or MikTeX is used to produce an output file (such as PDF or DVI) suitable for printing or digital distribution. Wikipedia


Cara menginstall LaTeX di Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install texlive-full

Install juga editornya:

sudo apt-get install texmaker

Selamat mencoba, semoga bermanfaat.

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