Dear Linux

Someone dropped me an email two days ago. He asked…

Mas Eko,
Itu file Linux ya…

He’s the one who said linux is unstable few months ago and therefore shouldn’t be used for work.

I then replied:

Yup, Linux. It’s just a tool, just like Windows or Mac in your MacBook Pro. Don’t take it into account.

I barely share my working files as they’re considered highly confidential materials. But this one is exceptional. I share them for the sake of knowledge-sharing as I’ve promised to you.

I worked under Linux as it’s the most convenient system for me at the time. I wish I could use a better toy such as yours, but it’s just not affordable to me. Linux is enough for now.

Linux was also another reason for not sharing my working files with you. I used different editing and typesetting system instead of regular word processor. Besides, sharing working files could hamper the whole editing process.

JPPM was a special case and deserved a special way of accomplishment. Thus, Linux was my best choice.

Just so you know, I’m not an IT guy nor a linux geek as you might think of. I’m just an ordinary linux user. I use what I think convenient to me.


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