Menulis itu ternyata (tidak) gampang

Banyak orang bilang menulis itu gampang: tinggal duduk manis, pegang pena, lalu menulis. Sementara tak sedikit pula yang mengatakan sebaliknya. Meski sudah duduk berjam-jam, sudah meluangkan waktu khusus untuk menulis, tangan sudah menggenggam pena, laptop sudah menyala, namun tetap saja belum ada kalimat yang keluar. Belum ada tulisan yang ditulis. Selengkapnya…

Remind yourself that it’s OK not to be perfect.
— Unknown

Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.
— Unknown

Take the shot. Learn from it. There is no such thing as a mistake unless you don’t learn from it.
— Roman Kurywczak

Photography is a form of self-expression. We go out and search for the type of content that mean something to us. With time and practice, you learn to foresee with a slight anticipation what it’s likely going to happen before it happens. This gives you a precious instant to get the shot that you had created in your mind. So for me, that’s what street photography is all about.
— Paola “Monaris” Franqui